WELCOME! ようこそ!

hello, this was made out of pure hobby and simple interest so some things may not appear properly here as i am still learning! likely best viewed on desktop and 1920x1080. if there are any issues, please let me know! thank you!

2023年8月7日 i just recently got back into coding again this year (2023)! i used to play around a lot with coding back then in my elementary days (2016-2017, was like 12 yrs old lol) and came back to it again when I had ICT class in my 2nd year of junior high before stopping for a while again due to school but ive now since then been having a lot of time now in my senior year now! so i hope to have a lot of fun again in this year for me and my past younger self :D


  • reworking this page! to match the other pages
  • separate pages for #about, #media and #diary
  • adding a music player! i havent watched princess tutu yet but morning grace by 岡崎律子 is so beautiful so i'm definitely considering using it!
  • maybe a chat box too?
  • i think it'd be nice to also make my anilist look cute and match with this site somehow :)...
  • credit section all that's left is listing every material ive used on this site but this site isnt anywhere near finished so this will likely be left last!

Hello World!

hiii!!!!! my name is elliott but you can call me lio for short! i like cute things with an interest in animals in general (actually allergic to many fur animals and asthmatic lol) but i especially like cats, rats, reptiles and beetles (mostly just stag and rhinoceros beetles). i enjoy playing horror rpgs, otome games, visual novels, etc. and often play farlight these days! i draw sometimes too n use oil pastels! more about me here!!

credits and links

@Fuanshi~・Pa~tsu・Shoppu: チェック・プレート/Checkered Plate (seen behind 'update log' text!)
@Foollovers: 星の壁紙-23/Star Wallpaper-23, Biscuit Border, and Code for the Notepads + Lace Border in #about me.
@Fancy Surprise: "Usapoppo" LINE Emojis
@Lostsozai: 'Welcome to my homepage' Bear Banner
@HIMALAYA: Girl and Bunny LINE Emojis
@Asami: Calico Cat MAYA + Gray Cat TOM LINE Stickers
@Nintendo: Animal Crossing LINE Stickers + Images (kinda edited it for the bullets)
@Shironappa: NEKOMIMI Boy Lovely LINE Stickers
@Yuri of Yuriyuri:: Cute Leopard Gecko LINE Emoji Set
@Natumodoki: 'Kenny Rain2' LINE leopard Gecko KennyRain Stickers

Extra Note

- please let me know if i forgot to credit anyone and if you know the creator! if you're unsure which creator is the one you're looking for, some of the images contain the creator's name in their image link!

- oh and the stars you see floating on the notebook or besides texts were created by me but are free to use either way. edit, recolor, use it as you please!